Marching AHEAD!

DEVELOPING the society; creating

an ENVIABLEnation!

Corporate Social responsibility: A beginning! An intuitive Initiation.

At DML, we aim to implement a clear, articulate CSR roadmap which will not only cater and support the under privileged and render approachable community service but will extend helping hand to the community with strong aid in the field of Education, Health, and Environment Protection and Skill Development

DML understand that Social Responsibility is about our intention and obligation as a global company to maximize the benefit we bring to the communities where we operate. We as human feel deeply connected to the community and thus our organization post multiple “brain storming sessions” have conceived various initiatives such as Work as One, Build literate India, Protect Planet Earth campaigns, through which we will ensure we contribute towards the Welfare of not one but entire community called “EARTH” .We wish to celebrate the Work as One, Build literate India, Protect Planet Earth with various activities whole year round. These activities are based on the detailed flow of events charted in the Corporate Event Calendar of DML.

What we accomplish is as imperative to us as how we achieve it...that is why CSR is part of the whole lot we do. It is a company-wide pledge to contributing resources and incorporates our skills and experience to help meet cost-effective, ecological and communal challenges wherever we function.  We help to encourage the people and create potential opportunities through programs that improve health, education and livelihoods through skill development. We aim to associate with well-known, plausible, worldwide nationwide and confined organizations to facilitate and make a difference to their lives and income of the most susceptible.

CSR is our priority, this financial year (April 1 and till March 31, 2018 ) , DML has set some organizational parameters to achieve its sustainability and organizational targets in the field of Health, Education, Environmental protection and Skill development which are indicative that these issues are more important for the manufacturing sector:

Enlighten India through DML’s


“Superior eminence education is a great establishment for dynamic and reasonable output” … quoted by our Founder Director Mr. Pranit Hem Desai.

One of the most important subject that is the main stay of each and every society is Education .But when one sees the condition of our current national children education crisis , it becomes evident that we need to put our best foot forward . The elementary education is something that needs a strong foundation, we as an organization aim to strengthen the foundation level of children and we believe providing education to these children will not only educate them but will align them with a solid platform for the future and help them lead an independent and respected life and provide a stable society.

In our CSR Education segment in DML – Our team will work with the mission to promote and catalyze education amongst deprived kids, create a procedure to support these children into conventional education mode, facilitate them to emerge as a prolific asset and set the groundwork for a great strong Nation.

Our easy going nature and support by key close members of the Organization will definitely pave ways for new horizon. Through our Corporate Social Responsibility platform, we wish to firm up our inclination i.e. support and promote education to children which has developed into the main stream objective of our organization.

In terms of senior students, DML team meets them, discuss the future aspirations, and once the background checks are verified, we hire them on board and give the platform to stand on their own. In the second phase we intend to train the teachers under Teachers Training program, so they can enhance their talent, quality and impart the best knowledge possible.


Our precious resource!

The environment policy of DML is clear to all, we as a responsible management strive hard to live to our own commitments and operates and complete assignments on time to lead the path and projects. We promote awareness and seek to accomplish considerable additional results than an EMS (Environmental Management System) has to suggest.

We at DML, aim to endorse and encourage ecological and conversational consciousness and responsibility, both with the Organization and the employees without exemption. We will impart detailed trainings which will emphasize on the demands that they not only comply with the current regulation, but where likely, they exceed it – how to handle them and overcome the flaws.

We must have complete familiarity of the environmental influence of the manufacture process and only thenwill we be able to take all suitable methods to minimize the effect and take actions to avert environmental happenings.


One of the most important factors which has become increasingly important is Health, this is indeed the focal point of CSR regime and is hugely recognized as one of the criteria which makes up a healthy community, active work associates which in turn results in a successful organization, where people are happy to work, employers are happy to employ and suppliers are supported by excellent work and product delivery.

Health is developed into two segments in almost all corporate segments, the internal and external strategies. Internal strategies comprises of creating and maintaining healthy work environment within the organization.

External CSR health initiatives may be introduced to mitigate risks and / or to extend benefits to the environment and communities. In many cases there is a synergy between the internal and external strategies and very often they are shaped by the nature of the business itself.

The wellbeing of the next generation and existing generation is toughly related to their speculative success, and the speculative success of all academicians is related with their wellbeing. Thus, facilitating students to remain fit and active is one of the essential parts of DML’s health initiatives. We aim to conduct basic Health Programs in academic institutes in synergy with their Health Programs or Health calendar.

Health-hazard activities such as use of substances, ferocity, and bodily dormancy are steadily related to speculative failure and often disturb students' school attendance, performance, formative and Summative scores, and their ability to pay attention in class. We aim to impart regular gatherings created on our Corporate Social Responsibility calendar and adhere to the agenda strictly.



DML Human Resources department has set apart a detailed Skill development segment which structures an essential and vital part of how DML as an organization functions. We define and redefine all our processes as an upcoming company and aim to address the rapid areas of skill and self-development requirements with quantified measurable improvements. We do understand in our level that our CSR initiative will merge and contribute immensely to shaping up a firmer and stronger society and nation, but in order to do so, we have to plan a program which will stringently focus on skill development initiative with a clear focus on the core competencies so we can use our cumulative experience and knowledge to bring the noticeable change not only for our society but to the entire nation and global arenas.

We will work towards both short-term and long-term programs, which will lay the foundation for our initiative and we will be able to see and experience a substantial and lasting effects.

With all these in mind , our founder Director, Mr. Pranit has defined articulated vision on a variety of methods we can add particularly in areas where we have resourceful expertise , we aim to help, assist and nurture the knowledge, transfer and promote thorough understanding of vital subjects.

We will help put together vivacious and steady loving society with sustainable program that improve health, education, and environmental policies. We can only achieve this with cohesive effort from our associates, Staff community partners. This together will make positive influence and impact in the community.